List of Events

Fri, 11/15
The Grups

The band name is derived from an old Star Trek episode, where kids on a certain planet go homicidally crazy as soon as they grow up. The Grups swear this will never happen to them. Together they play original compositions and cover tunes that run the musical spectrum from Johnny Cash to Brian Eno.

Sat, 11/16
Kat Heart

I find myself writing on this sunny afternoon. Made me think... What kinds of words or songs or visual arts do you personally find inspiration in? (Aside from love and our families/friends - those are a given!
What things bring you life and passion from within yourself?

Tue, 11/19
7pm Traditional Irish Session

Traditional Irish instrumental sessions. Every Tuesday at 7-10pm.

Wed, 11/20
7pm "Wednesday Night Showcase"
An acoustic thing in Midtown. 7-10pm

Amateurs and professionals alike on stage. Plug in and play on Whiskey Wednesday!

Fri, 11/22
Doug Walther

After playing in local bands since his teens in the late sixties, Doug Walther began a solo acoustic guitar act a few years ago, playing a variety of acoustic blues, classic acoustic/folk rock, and Americana with a few songs for millennials. Doug mixes popular well-known songs from artists like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, and Crosby, Stills and Nash with deeper cuts that allow him to showcase his finger-picking style developed over some 50 years of playing. He may throw in a few originals. The music is the message and the message is “Let’s party and have a good time!”

Sat, 11/23
8:30 Gary Munson
10:00 Breck Durham

Fri, 11/29
The John Garrett Band

Brooding acoustic Americana originals with haunting harmonies and stripped down percussion along with takes on traditional and


Sat, 11/30
8:30 Roger Scime

Roger Scimé, a singer-songwriter who has performed on stages from Greenwich Village to Hollywood and in London pubs, Las Vegas lounges, and coffeehouses in Reno. A lifelong performer, RtL's repertoire includes classic folk music from the 50s through the 70s and, as a founding member of 1980's "Finnegan's Wake of Ireland," a respectable number of Irish tunes, as well.

Sat, 12/14
So Sol

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