List of Events

Fri, 3/22
The Coney Dogs 8:30pm

Ceol Irish Pub is glad to bring you "2 Coney Dogs" with no bun. The dogs are back at Ceol, striped down and un-plugged for an acoustic fun filled night of music. Ken and Gary will be playing all your favorite hits that will have you singing along. The 2 coney dogs deliver an authentic, polished sound of blues, country and rock. Show starts at 8pm till ???

Sat, 3/23
Krystal McMullen

Playing at the pub since she was till fresh out of the wrapper and ready to entertain and that was a while back She's a soulful voice ready to wale. Come check her out!

Fri, 3/29
Nigel St. Hubbins

Sat, 3/30
Cole Adams

No, all the bands he's in haven't broken up. Sometimes you just have to do your own thing!

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