List of Events

Wed, 7/17
"Wednesday Night Showcase"
An acoustic thing in Midtown.

Amateurs and professionals alike on stage. Plug in play on Whiskey Wednesday!

Fri, 7/19
Cole Adams

No, all the bands he's in haven't broken up. Sometimes you just have to do your own thing!

Sat, 7/20
The Coney Dogs 8:30pm

Ceol Irish Pub is glad to bring you "2 Coney Dogs" with no bun. The dogs are back at Ceol, striped down and un-plugged for an acoustic fun filled night of music. Ken and Gary will be playing all your favorite hits that will have you singing along. The 2 coney dogs deliver an authentic, polished sound of blues, country and rock. Show starts at 8pm till ???

Fri, 7/26
Roger Scime 8:30pm

Roger Scimé, a singer-songwriter who has performed on stages from Greenwich Village to Hollywood and in London pubs, Las Vegas lounges, and coffeehouses in Reno.

A lifelong performer, Roger's repertoire includes classic folk music from the 50s through the 70s and, as a founding member of 1980's "Finnegan's Wake of Ireland," a respectable number of Irish tunes, as well.

Sat, 7/27

Joshua Scott: Vocals, Guitar, and Harmonica Kyle Visco: Lead and rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Ian Gonzales: Drums and Percussion
Pablo Mendoza: Bass

The Swell is a four piece reggae
rock band bringing you classic beach vibes with soulful grooves. Residing in Reno, NV The Swell has a unique blend of covers and originals for all audiences.

Influences: Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Sublime, Johnny Cash, and many more

Fri, 8/2
Cole Adams

No, all the bands he's in haven't broken up. Sometimes you just have to do your own thing!

Sat, 8/3
Aaron Hood

Fri, 8/16
Solo Mash Confusion

The result of a fruit fly experiment gone horribly wrong, Mash Confusion plays a high energy blend of rock, disco, alternative, and soul music, mashed together in unique and unexpected ways. A trio of seasoned players that know their chops, but don’t take themselves too seriously, Mash Confusion creates a very danceable and fun atmosphere, with the priority of ensuring everyone has a great time.

Sat, 8/17
Dave Manning

He's played Folsom Prison, Arlo Gutrie autographed his tour rig; a '65 VW bus. He does piano blues, boogie woogie, and old rock n roll. Think Tom Waits plays the Ray Charles songbook. He was featured heavily in "THE BUS" a film about VW bus culture that aired nationally in the states several times in the past year.

Fri, 8/23
Keith Shannon

Come in and sing all of your favorite traditional Irish songs. He pairs well with all your traditional Irish brews. For instance, Guinness goes best with the song Barley Mo or Beer, Beer, Beer; Jameson's with Whiskey in the Jar. You get it!

Fri, 8/30
Rogue Rage Duo

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