List of Events

Fri, 1/18
Cole Adams

No, all the bands he's in haven't broken up. Sometimes you just have to do your own thing!

Fri, 1/18
Roger Scime 5-7pm

Roger Scimé, a singer-songwriter who has performed on stages from Greenwich Village to Hollywood and in London pubs, Las Vegas lounges, and coffeehouses in Reno. A lifelong performer, RtL's repertoire includes classic folk music from the 50s through the 70s and, as a founding member of 1980's "Finnegan's Wake of Ireland," a respectable number of Irish tunes, as well.

Sat, 1/19
The Legendary Trainwrecks


Tue, 1/22
Traditional Irish Session

Traditional Irish instrumental sessions. Every Tuesday at 7-10pm.

Wed, 1/23
"Wednesday Night Showcase"
An acoustic thing in Midtown. 7-10pm

Amateurs and professionals alike on stage. Plug in and play on Whiskey Wednesday!

Fri, 1/25
Doyle Stewart

Doyle Stewart is a local working guy who likes to play music out in public now and again just so the relatives don't try to collect on his life insurance policy.  Doyle's styles include a sparkling melange of hip-hop, rap and heavy death metal, leavened with 1980s blue-eyed soul...No, scratch that.  Doyle's styles include a fairly random mishmash (heavy on the mash) of Irish, rock, country, and a pinch of bluegrass, for your listening convenience.

Sat, 1/26
James Wilsey, Jr.

James Wilsey (vocals/guitar) of Notch8. Musical Influences: Johnny Cash, Elvis, Merle Haggard, Don Gibson, Chris Isaak, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Marty Robbins, Stray Cats, Hank Williams, Hank Snow, the 80s...and a little Depeche Mode.

Sat, 2/2
Krystal McMullen

Playing at the pub since she was till fresh out of the wrapper and ready to entertain and that was a while back She's a soulful voice ready to wale. Come check her out!

Sat, 2/9

Kingfinger: Nevada Soul/Rock&Roll
Kingfinger came alive in 2015 as the recombination of Lyricist/Vocalist Tommy Glogovac, deeper than Deepak Rhythm-meisters Bob McNamara on Bass and Clay Wilson on Drums, along with George Pelham and Chris DiPaolo on Guitars.
Conceived of multifarious upbringings in the Woodys, Dogs, Paisleys, Guitar Woody, Wranglers and more, they throw down an aural extravaganza described by their fans as Nevada Soul meets Rock&Roll, but then . . . you be the judge. You are invited to relax in the parlor or even better, cavort up front to the Soul of Kingfinger.

Henry Lindsay on guitar and vocals, Ian Bigley on bass, Tyler Nigro on drums, and Hannah Blayney on vocals. We have lyrically-driven songwriting, drawing influence from folk and alternative rock. We try to write songs that are contemplative, yet fun enough to dance a little. We recently released our first album, Fire Hydrant Hissing Cat Repeater Songs available on all major digital platforms.

Sat, 2/16
Keith Shannon

Come in and sing all of your favorite traditional Irish songs. He pairs well with all your traditional Irish brews. For instance, Guinness goes best with the song Barley Mo or Beer, Beer, Beer; Jameson's with Whiskey in the Jar. You get it!

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